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The Managing Director is Mr.Pratap Kumar. E-mail:pratap@wonderblues.com
We are ably supported by the professional team of Managers, who are qualified & experienced. At every stage of process, they understand the needs of the Exporters and the market trends. The team is well versed with Export & Domestic market standards & requirements

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Our biggest asset is our people. We are devoted professionals who take pride in our accomplishments. With the same dedicated team of key people working with our customers over the years, we have developed a close partnership catering to their specific needs. “Success is sweetest when it is shared”. Our success and recognition is in part due to our passion for delivering top quality products and services to our customers. We emphasize very firmly on teamwork and we are renowned as a fair negotiator. We recognize the differently challenged in our employment and give them an equal opportunity to lead a normal life.
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